Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kids Deserve Art

Came across this great website for hand painted artwork for kids: Kids Deserve Art art & decor for kids of all ages. The business is run by a mom in Toronto who believes that cultivating children's appreciation for art can significantly enrich their lives.

She stocks whimsical painting and prints, lamps, drawer pulls, mirrors, light switch plates, coat hooks, growth charts, tote bags and cards. Some of my personal favorites include a painting of 3 monkeys in tidy whities, a groovy toad lamp, and drawer pulls with pictures of different types of clothing on them. The drawer pulls are great for helping kids remember where their clean socks go!

These products really are good for all ages. I'm thinking I may order a Lola Tote Bag for my mother in laws next birthday!

As an added bonus the Kids Deserve Art Mom also runs a very entertaining blog called "The Cheaty Monkey" and a Hollywood Gossip blog as well!

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